Laura has called for a county wide ban on candidates awarding deals to people and businesses that make contributions to their campaign ("Pay to Play").

The Syracuse Teacher's Assoc. has decided to not endorse any or the Mayoral candidates. 

Laura explains her position on Mayoral control of City Schools and  the benefits.

Laura's performance as Superintendent was reviewed by the Post Standard.

Laura announces her intention to run for Mayor.

Dan Cummings of WSYR Radio interviews Laura.

The GOP endorses Laura.

Ben Walsh contributes to Cuomo campaign.

Laura proposes Mayoral control of schools.

Electing Laura could save Syracuse Schools.

Laura and Ben Walsh battled for unaffiliated voters.

Laura focuses on Education to improve Syracuse's future.

The Teacher's Union is opposed to Laura's proposal to control the schools.

Senator DeFrancisco supports Laura's candidacy.

Laura's proposal on Public Safety.

Laura offers ideas on what she would have done for Nojaim's.

The Daily Orange supports Laura's position. Says Unions are stifling schools.

Spectrum News held a Candidate Debate, referring to Laura as "The Lone Changer".

LoneChangerSpectrum (pdf)


WSYR interviewed Laura on her candidacy. Listen to the interview on iHeart radio.

Laura proposed plans for a crackdown on violent crime. Read the article below.

CrackdownOnViolentCrime (pdf)